SARTS Talk Oct 2013: SDR Basics by 9V1XY and 9V1AS

This talk was conducted by 9V1XY and myself.

A04_7355  A04_7360

The following topics were covered by 9V1XY:

  • Examine the common DVBT Dongles which may be used for ham radio purposes
  • What kind of PC software are available,  and how to install them

The topics covered by me 9V1AS were:

  • What qualifies a radio as “software defined”
  • Examine the theoretical basis for why Quadrature sampling can be used to remove image signals
  • The effect of IQ sampling errors
  • Dongle Architectures
  • What you can do with these dongles

At the end of the talk, we had a practical demonstration of the Terratec Dongle. Unfortunately, the signals within the meeting room were too weak for us to demo the FM, TV and other signals. We will try to give a better demo next time.

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Here are links to the presentation materials:

9V1XY’s materials

9V1AS’s materials

3 thoughts on “SARTS Talk Oct 2013: SDR Basics by 9V1XY and 9V1AS

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  2. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for posting these talks online. Can you let us know about the legal aspects around using these RTL-SDR dongles as receivers in Singapore (no transmission cases) ?

    I guess it would depend on the frequencies being scanned, how about ADS-B or AIS bands ?


    • Hello Al,
      As far as I know, the official line from the IDA on this is that monitoring of ADS-B or AIS bands is not allowed.
      Practically, I think it is very difficult to enforce, unless you are decoding the ADS-B or AIS data and rebroadcasting it.
      Jeff 9V1AS

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