SARTS Talk Mar 2014: Ad Astra – Dreams, Milestones and New Ventures in Space by Dr. Giulio Manzoni

I talk to Giulio quite often, as we both have quite similar technical interests.

Knowing that I was always on the lookout for topics and speakers for the SARTS meetings, Giulio volunteered to talk on a topic which was quite interesting, but not too commonplace.

having given talks at SARTS before, he knew that too much maths would put the audience to sleep, so Giulio promised that the talk would be mainly pictorial, sprinkled with interesting anecdotes.

We had an interesting talk, and here is an abridged version of Giulio’s talk:

SARTS lecture 9V1FC space gm1

Giulio gave talks on 2 previous occasions, but I have only the material for one of them. Here it is.

Thanks, Giulio!

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