SARTS Talk Mar 2014: FO-29 QSO between 9V1 and JA by Shiro Sakai 9V1PW

Shiro knew that there were some local hams who were interested in satellite work, so it was no surprise that I received an email from him regarding the possibility of having a satellite QSO via FO-29 between 9V1 and Japan, as there is usually a window of a few minutes where the footprint covers Singapore and Japan during some passes.

I knew that he was quite a creative guy, so one day, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email addressed to Giulio 9V1FC  and myself about his success.

As you might already know, Giulio has been quite active in tracking satellites and has give a talk to SARTS previously on this topic.

It was a short notice, but Shiro obliged to give a short talk regarding his successful venture. I timed the talk to occur on the same evening as Giulio’s talk, so that those interested would be able to put their questions to these 2 experienced persons.

You can access an abridged version of his talk materials here:

9V1PW Satellite Talk 27032014atSARTS

Thanks, Shiro!




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