SARTS Talk Apr 2014 – Repeater Basics by Siva 9V1SV and Jeff 9V1AS

Our SARTS repeater has been QRT for nearly 2 years, and the club has had many requests to have it replaced. Unfortunately, the former site of our repeater at the British Club was no more available to us. That fact, as well as the aging rig cause the curtain to be drawn on our beloved 9V1RS.

Siva 9V1SV volunteered to lead the resurrection of the 9V1RS repeater.

The first mission was to find a suitable site. Fortunately Jaya 9V1AI came to the rescue and volunteered his QTH – a very suitable site.

Since there are now some new hams who have never used the old repeater, we felt that a repeater talk would be in order at the April meeting, because at that meeting, one of the matters arising was the topic of the repeater.

The aim of the talk would be twofold:

a.  To discuss the basics of repeaters as a refresher of sorts

b.  To inform members what happened to the old repeater and why it had to be decommissioned

c.  The architecture of the new repeater and how we intend to construct it.

Here are some of the presentation slides:


We had a good meeting and many members pledged generously towards the cost of the new repeater which would cover both the VHF and UHF bands.


Jeff 9V1AS

2 thoughts on “SARTS Talk Apr 2014 – Repeater Basics by Siva 9V1SV and Jeff 9V1AS

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