SARTS Talk July 2014: A Homebrew QRP Transceiver – Lots of Fun and Lessons Learnt

I first met Bernd many years ago when he moved to Singapore from Jakarta. At that time, I was the club treasurer. After talking to him, I found out that he enjoyed homebrewing.

As we sat through the talk last month, we realised that in our midst was a skilled radio designer and builder. Only during the Q&A did we realise that Bernd, in his adaptation of the published schematic, practically designed, built and debugged the entire rig, down to making the tools to match the crystal filters.

Here is an abridged set of his presentation materials.

SARTS presentation 9V1BN

Early in Aug 2014, I heard that Bernd was moving back to Indonesia.

All the best Bernd. You are always welcome at our meetings!



Jeff 9V1AS


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