SARTS Talk Aug 2014: SARTS Repeater Equipment by Jeff 9V1AS

SARTS Members responded generously to the Society’s appeal for funds to resurrect 9V1RS our club repeater which had to be dismantled from it’s old location at the British Club.

Since both repeaters had already arrived, I made a small presentation at the Aug 2014 meeting, accompanied by the actual repeaters.

The presentation material may be accessed by the following link:

Touch and Feel 9V1RS Equipment

The arrangement of the final equipment to be installed is shown in Slide 2.

Slide 3 shows the arrangement of how we demonstrated at the meeting the operation of both the VHF and the UHF repeaters. As we could not bring the duplexers (due to their size) we adopted an arrangement where the TX signal was attenuated 30dB before the TX antenna. This way, hopefully, the RX port would not be desensitized by the TX signal. Thankfully the arrangement worked, and members who brought their handie talkies were able to try out for themselves the operation of 9V1RS.

Slides 5 and 6 show the installation difficulties we are currently encountering at the proposed location.


Jeff 9V1AS



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