SARTS Talk Jan 2015: Introduction to D-STAR by Andrew Hodges 9V1TT

In our past conversations, I gathered that Andrew was interested in D-STAR, and that he had some experience using D-STAR hotspots linked to the internet.

Moreover, Siva 9V1SV last month obtained approval from IDA for his Icom ID-51.

Kenn Udagawa JE1VOS,  at one of last year’s meetings,  gave a short show-and-tell of his D-STAR handy as well as some of its capabilities when linked to D-STAR repeaters:

Therefore, Andrew’s talk this month on the topic was timely, as the interest among our local hams was starting. The talk comprised of a presentation, a show-and-tell of various D-STAR goodies like hotspots, interfaces for the Raspberry Pi etc. This was followed by questions from the floor, mainly concerning the capabilities when linked to overseas servers. One pertinent question was regarding the difference in capabilities between a D-STAR handie + internet linked hotspot Vs a conventional handie linked to the internet via Echolink.

Here are Andrew’s presentation materials.

dstarinfocon-Presentation to SARTS

Thanks, Andrew, we learnt a lot from your talk. Especially, the show-and-tell did much to clarify this new technology.


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