SARTS Talk May 2015: Repeater Coverage Testing by Royce 9V1AN

The old 9V1RS VHF located at the British Club was decommissioned around Feb 2013.

Since then, SARTS has, through members’ donations purchased new ICOM repeaters.

Leading up to the new equipment, we organised several talks at the monthly meetings:

April 2014 talk on Repeater Basics

Aug 2014 Touch and Feel of the new SARTS Repeater Equipment

The initial test QTH for the new VHF repeater was located at Jeff 9V1AS office in Bukit Batok. The antenna on the 7th storey of an industrial building performed badly due to a measured 14dB of antenna noise.

After the repeater was moved to Jaya 9V1AI QTH, the performance improved considerably.

Repeater performance testing for both locations were led by Siva 9V1SV. Other members who helped in the signal reporting and testing were Royce 9V1AN, Nan 9V1RN, Mike 9V1LX/9M2LXM, LiYu 9V1LY, Rath 9V1RM, Sato 9V1UU, Alex 9V1AL, Giulio 9V1FC, Lim Khuan 9V1LK, Roger 9MLEE (from private plane), James 9V1WW, Ian 9V1WD.

Royce made a presentation summarising the signal testing and you can find the abridged materials here:

SARTS Repeater – 9V1RS

Special thanks to Royce 9V1AN and all who helped during the testing and setting up of the repeater.




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