SARTS Talk May 2015: Repeater Coverage Testing by Royce 9V1AN

The old 9V1RS VHF located at the British Club was decommissioned around Feb 2013.

Since then, SARTS has, through members’ donations purchased new ICOM repeaters.

Leading up to the new equipment, we organised several talks at the monthly meetings:

April 2014 talk on Repeater Basics

Aug 2014 Touch and Feel of the new SARTS Repeater Equipment

The initial test QTH for the new VHF repeater was located at Jeff 9V1AS office in Bukit Batok. The antenna on the 7th storey of an industrial building performed badly due to a measured 14dB of antenna noise.

After the repeater was moved to Jaya 9V1AI QTH, the performance improved considerably.

Repeater performance testing for both locations were led by Siva 9V1SV. Other members who helped in the signal reporting and testing were Royce 9V1AN, Nan 9V1RN, Mike 9V1LX/9M2LXM, LiYu 9V1LY, Rath 9V1RM, Sato 9V1UU, Alex 9V1AL, Giulio 9V1FC, Lim Khuan 9V1LK, Roger 9MLEE (from private plane), James 9V1WW, Ian 9V1WD.

Royce made a presentation summarising the signal testing and you can find the abridged materials here:

SARTS Repeater – 9V1RS

Special thanks to Royce 9V1AN and all who helped during the testing and setting up of the repeater.




SARTS Talk Mar 2015: Echolink – interfacing, demonstration and possibilities by Royce Ng 9V1AN

In Jan 2015, Andrew 9V1TT talked on DSTAR. At that talk, there was a question from Frankie 9V1FZ regarding the difference in capabilities between DSTAR and Echolink. We all knew that Frankie, Royce and a few others had already been dabbling with Echolink.

Royce was keen to interface his handies to Echolink and wanted to give a talk if he could get his interface completed in time.

The following month, we had the AGM, so Royce had 2 months to get his demo prepared.

At the talk given in March, there was a practical demo where he connected a Raspberry Pi to the internet (via a wireless hotspot) to act as an Echolink node. Members tuned their handies to 145.500 and tested out the link. We even managed to contact our old friend Shiro 9V1PW in Japan.

Here are the presentation materials:

Echolink How to install SVXLink on Raspberry Pi

Audio Interface


Thank you Royce!

SARTS Talk Jan 2015: Introduction to D-STAR by Andrew Hodges 9V1TT

In our past conversations, I gathered that Andrew was interested in D-STAR, and that he had some experience using D-STAR hotspots linked to the internet.

Moreover, Siva 9V1SV last month obtained approval from IDA for his Icom ID-51.

Kenn Udagawa JE1VOS,  at one of last year’s meetings,  gave a short show-and-tell of his D-STAR handy as well as some of its capabilities when linked to D-STAR repeaters:

Therefore, Andrew’s talk this month on the topic was timely, as the interest among our local hams was starting. The talk comprised of a presentation, a show-and-tell of various D-STAR goodies like hotspots, interfaces for the Raspberry Pi etc. This was followed by questions from the floor, mainly concerning the capabilities when linked to overseas servers. One pertinent question was regarding the difference in capabilities between a D-STAR handie + internet linked hotspot Vs a conventional handie linked to the internet via Echolink.

Here are Andrew’s presentation materials.

dstarinfocon-Presentation to SARTS

Thanks, Andrew, we learnt a lot from your talk. Especially, the show-and-tell did much to clarify this new technology.

SARTS Talk Nov 2014: What I have been doing since I got my Licence by Royce Ng 9V1AN

Royce at 16, is our youngest ham. He passed the RAE at the first attempt.

In Oct 2014, I invited him continue our tradition of inviting new hams who have shown a keen interest in ham radio to give this talk.

Here is an abridged version of his presentation slides:

Royces 9V1AN What I have been doing since I got my licence

Here is a link to the movies played during the talk:

DX event in June:

Thanks, Royce for the fine effort.

We all enjoyed the talk!


Jeff 9V1AS

SARTS Events Coordinator

SARTS Talk Aug 2014: SARTS Repeater Equipment by Jeff 9V1AS

SARTS Members responded generously to the Society’s appeal for funds to resurrect 9V1RS our club repeater which had to be dismantled from it’s old location at the British Club.

Since both repeaters had already arrived, I made a small presentation at the Aug 2014 meeting, accompanied by the actual repeaters.

The presentation material may be accessed by the following link:

Touch and Feel 9V1RS Equipment

The arrangement of the final equipment to be installed is shown in Slide 2.

Slide 3 shows the arrangement of how we demonstrated at the meeting the operation of both the VHF and the UHF repeaters. As we could not bring the duplexers (due to their size) we adopted an arrangement where the TX signal was attenuated 30dB before the TX antenna. This way, hopefully, the RX port would not be desensitized by the TX signal. Thankfully the arrangement worked, and members who brought their handie talkies were able to try out for themselves the operation of 9V1RS.

Slides 5 and 6 show the installation difficulties we are currently encountering at the proposed location.


Jeff 9V1AS



SARTS Talk Sep 2014: Results of IDA Approved Rigs by Jeff 9V1AS

Many members have asked the Society for advice regarding approval of rigs by the IDA, in particular, whether there is a list of approved rigs published by the IDA.

Since this has been a recurrent question, one member came up with a good idea using the method of “crowd sourcing” to gather a list of rigs which have already been approved by the IDA.

I therefore built a survey form and asked members to submit their list of approved / not approved rigs. The full results were published at the Sept 2014 meeting.

You can view an abridged version here:

IDA Approved Rigs Survey among members


Jeff 9V1AS
SARTS Events Coordinator

SARTS Talk Aug 2014: 2014 Japan Ham Fair by Kazuhiko Kurita 9V1XX

At the August 2014 meeting, Kurita 9V1XX gave a photo presentation of his trip to the Japan Ham Fair.

Of the many photos, I made a selection. I hope Kurita-san  approves of my selection.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Oh! One last thing, he met another 9V1 at the fair. Please scroll down to the last picture to find out whom.


??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? 0040

There were also displays of homebrewed equipment:

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

 The kids were not left out:




Overseas Radio Clubs were there too:

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

 And of course, the major manufacturers:

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

 Antennas and towers:

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Old parts and old rigs:

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????SONY DSC

Special interest clubs:

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

and lastly, an old friend!



Thanks,  Kurita.  We enjoyed your presentation, and look forward to more pictures again next year!


Jeff 9V1AS
SARTS Events Coordinator


SARTS Talk July 2014: A Homebrew QRP Transceiver – Lots of Fun and Lessons Learnt

I first met Bernd many years ago when he moved to Singapore from Jakarta. At that time, I was the club treasurer. After talking to him, I found out that he enjoyed homebrewing.

As we sat through the talk last month, we realised that in our midst was a skilled radio designer and builder. Only during the Q&A did we realise that Bernd, in his adaptation of the published schematic, practically designed, built and debugged the entire rig, down to making the tools to match the crystal filters.

Here is an abridged set of his presentation materials.

SARTS presentation 9V1BN

Early in Aug 2014, I heard that Bernd was moving back to Indonesia.

All the best Bernd. You are always welcome at our meetings!



Jeff 9V1AS


SARTS Talk May 2014: 82nd PARA Hamvention by Frankie Zuniga 9V1FZ

A few months ago, Frankie passed me a brochure for the 82nd PARA Hamvention to be held in Iloilo City in the Philippines, and asked if my XYL and myself would like to join him.

The venue of the hamvention reminded me of a made in Singapore movie:

which won some kind of award at the 66th Cannes Film Festival.

Months went by and the hum and drum of daily work made me forget about the invitation.

I was pleasantly surprised last week when Frankie came to my office with a draft of his presentation – he had just returned from the hamvention!

At last Thursday’s club meeting he gave a lively presentation illustrated with many photos. Alas, the photos in his powerpoint were all high res, and the file was 110MB in size. So I had to do a little “magic” and massaged the contents to just 3MB in size. You can find it here, and I am sure you will enjoy it as much as we did:

82nd PARA Hamvention-Iloilo


Jeff 9V1AS